Abigail Spears and Juan Sebastian Cabal 29-01-17

Abigail Spears and Juan Sebastian Cabal def Sania Mirza and Ivan Dodig 6-2 6-4

Abigail Spears and Juan Sebastian Cabal, F, Rod Laver Arena, 29 January 2017
Photo by: Theo Karanikos/Tennis Australia

Q. Abigail, reaching your first Grand Slam title in your final year, how do you feel, and could it make you change your mind?
ABIGAIL SPEARS: No. It feeling amazing playing with Juan. Yeah, I mean, I wish I could have fun like that every day.

Yeah, I think it's my last, but I guess everybody says that and then they reconsider at some point, so...

I hope it's my last. But if not, then I think I would finish here next year. This is my favorite tournament. I have so many friends here. I might finish in Australia, then that would be the end.

Q. It's only your second event that you've played together. You managed to comfortably beat two experienced players. What was the difference today?

ABIGAIL SPEARS: You, partner, you (laughter).

I think a lot goes into every day. Every day is different. I think all the variables just went our way. I mean, you can't play well every day. This match was cleaner. I think the last match was maybe not as clean. But Juan keeps me loose. I don't know.

I don't know what it takes every match, but we got lucky I think. Every match we just had fun and it just went our way.

Q. Abigail, the question you were asked about reconsidering your retirement, you said something about coming back here next year.
ABIGAIL SPEARS: I love this tournament. I have so many, like, friends here. I was already talking to them. If I can keep my ranking up, I would finish here next year. This would be my last tournament next year. I would not play any other tournaments next year.

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